Recom was commissioned to supply a 15T containerized ice plant in Italy for the more recent development in the applications of Ice Pigging. Together with SUEZ Advanced Solutions UK ,the exclusive developer of this technology, Recom provides a great and sustainable solution for the maintenance and cleaning of tanks, water supply pipes, sewerage and irrigation cleanings with recognized results all over Europe.

Ice Pigging is a highly effective and low risk pipe line cleaning technology. Just in the Netherlands there is about 117.000 kilometers of drinking water pipelines, which have to be cleaned from time to time. With ice pigging a combination of water and flake ice is pumped into the pipe and forced along inside in order to remove sediments and unwanted deposits. It combines the benefits of the two traditional methods, flushing with water and forcing a solid object trough the pipe, without any of the drawbacks. Recom’s ice machines are perfectly capable of producing the right type of ice for this technique and together with the customer, we engineer the perfect solution for every situation.

Suez Advanced Solutions – Italy

VeroBlue Farms proprietary aquaculture system creates a self-contained, nourishing environment where fish grow firm and meaty for amazingly great taste, with no impact on the environment or disruption of nature. Using the natural elements of air, water and care, VeroBlue Farms continually replicates the perfect growing conditions, allowing the fish to thrive and providing seafood that’s delicious, healthy and extraordinarily sustainable.

In order to create these perfect conditions, Recom Ice Systems was asked to deliver five F50AT-5 flake ice machines. The machines have been installed and are running perfectly.

VeroBlue Farms – United States

Situated 30 miles off the north west coast of Scotland the Port of Stornoway is the main seaport of the Hebridean Island chain and provides a vital link to mainland Britain. The Port of Stornoway, this year celebrating it’s 150th Anniversary, used to be a major fishing port and still has a comprehensive infrastructure of support services for the fishing industry.

The Stornoway Port Authority has awarded Recom the development work of an ice plant, that consists of a 15T flake ice machine (Recom F150AS-5), a 20T storage (IS20) and a 10T/hr transport system. The new Recom state of the art ice plant will support the fishing industry in the Outer Hebrides.

Stornoway Port Authority – Scotland

Inshaa Co. for Concrete Products & General Contracting Ltd. is a Saudi Arabian company whose main activity is the production of (ready-mix) concrete for building structures and infrastructural projects. After careful consideration, Recom Ice Systems was chosen to provide them with a containerized flake ice factory, consisting of an 80T flake ice machine (CF800ET-5) with evaporative condenser, an IS-75 ice storage system and an ID-16S delivery system.

Our equipment will be used for concrete cooling in combination with existing Liebherr batching plants, which will produce concrete for numerous (infra)structural projects.

Inshaa – Saudi Arabia

Recom Ice Systems received a prestigious order to supply four independent fully automatic flake ice plants totaling a daily production of 360 tons (each 90T/day). The Recom equipment is combined with concrete mixing equipment to serve as a concrete factory for the construction of a hydroelectric dam at Tocantins River, 150 km south of Imperatriz, Brazil named Estreito Hydroelectric Power Plant.

The order was given by the consortium of Impregilo Italy, Construtora OAS Ltd. named as Consorcio Rio Tocantins and Consórcio Estreito Energia (Ceste).

Impregilo & OAS – Brazil

Itticom is an Italian company whose main activities are in processing and international sales of high quality tuna. When they needed a new ice storage, they contacted Recom Ice Systems and made a joint visit to a reference plant in Dubai. After consulting various other suppliers they made a decision in favor of Recom Ice Systems, based on the price and quality. The order concerns a Recom IS20, a 20 tons ice storage complete with internal automated rake mechanism and autonomous cooling system.

Itticom – Italy

Huon Aquaculture Group, Australia’s premier privately owned salmon aquaculture company has invested in a Recom 30T/day containerized flake ice plant with 20T automatic ice storage with screw delivery system. Due to the fast growth of Huon Aquaculture in the last 3 years the need for flake ice for their fresh process line has increased. Recom Ice Systems had the right equipment to fulfill the requirements of the new production line and received the order to supply and install the complete flake ice plant.

Three years later, in 2014, Huon again approached Recom Ice Systems with a question regarding transportation of the ice. They had to transport ice from the ice plant to their factory. Eventually Recom had the privilege to supply them a Recom AID-10 (air delivery system).

Huon – Tasmania

Hydrofish Aquaculture Ivory Coast is a well-known, high class Catfish and Tilapia farm based in Bingerville. In 2010 Recom Ice Systems received a request from Hydrofish to supply a decent quality ice machine with manual ice storage. At that point, Hydrofish was a rather small company and sought for a relatively inexpensive solution. We supplied a 10T/day Recom flake ice package with an air-cooled condenser upon a refurbished and modified 20ft. refer container. For their production line we also supplied and installed a “ First-In First-Out” blast freezer for racks.

Hydrofish – Ivory Coast

On behalf of the Ministry of Fish Wealth of the Republic of Yemen, the Fisheries Resource Management and Conservation Project (FRMCP) has purchased eleven Recom 10T/day containerized flake ice machines with ice storage and eight Recom 10T/day containerized block ice machines with unload system and ice storage. To develop nineteen local “landing sites”, they were in need of high quality ice machines to provide the fishermen with fresh ice, which is used both on the boat and on the shore to cool the fish. With this investment the Ministry created the right conditions for the export of fish to Europe and other countries.

Nashton – Yemen