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2 x 2 m3 / hr water chillers
20m3 container water storage tank
All water circulation pumps

In the spring of 2020, Recom delivered a containerized water chiller including storage tank to Heerema Marine Contractors for the construction of a wind farm project off the coast of Taiwan.

The machines were supplied to Heerema Marine Contractors, who were responsible for building the foundation of the first 21 windmills. The foundations were placed 8 km off the coast of Changhua County at a depth of between 18 and 28 meters. These foundations are designed to be able to withstand the extreme Taiwanese circumstances such as earthquakes, typhoons and high waves.

Recom supplied two 20ft containers. The first container equipped with two independent 2m3/hr totaling a total of 96 m3/day. The second container functioned as an insulated 20 m3 water storage container. Both containers served as a single system and were placed aboard Heerema’s fast sailing heavy lift vessel “Aegir”.

The Aegir is a fast moving DP crane vessel with increased deck space. The shipshape of the Aegir is such designed that she has the highest operability for monohulls. In combination with the DP system it has the possibility to weather vane and assure the installations can be performed under many environmental conditions. The ship is over 210 meter long and able to lift equipment of up to 4.000 metric tons.

Due to the strong time constraints on the project and despite the Covid lockdown measures, the equipment was built in record time. After completion of the project, the equipment was returned to Recom and is now available for purchase as used equipment.