Artificial snow plant
Nevis Range Mountain Experience

7 x 11 T/day Flake ice machines + 2 x Ice crushers + 2 x Air-delivery systems

  • Artificial snow plant
  • Artificial snow plant
  • Artificial snow plant
  • Nevis Mountain helicopter ice machine transportation
  • Nevis Mountain helicopter artificial snow machines


  • 7 x 11 T/day Flake ice machine
  • 2 x Ice crusher
  • 2 x Air-delivery system

Recom Ice Systems proudly presents one of our latest projects which was for Nevis Range Mountain Experience in Scotland. Providing this company with an Artificial Snow Plant. The ice plant consists of 7 Flake ice machines to produce 77 tons of snow per day for their ski slope on Ben Nevis Mountain. The flake ice, produced in the flake ice drums, is crushed with an ice crusher and blown over the slope with an air-delivery system as snow.

It was impossible to deliver these ice machines on top of the mountain by road. Therefore, we had to deliver this machinery piece by piece with a helicopter. An exciting moment to see the helicopter flying with this industrial machines in the sky, but we are glad that all the 65 flights went smoothly.

This Artificial Snow Plant is currently under construction and will be already operating within a few months. We look forward to see the snow machines running to provide all people lots of ski fun!

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