Flake ice machines
VeroBlue Farms

5x 5T Flake ice machines

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  • The new F50AT-5 flake ice machines are more energy efficient
  • VeroBlue Farm’s focus is on farming Barramundi, whose origin lies in the Indo-Pacific waters of Australia

VeroBlue Farms proprietary aquaculture system creates a self-contained, nourishing environment where fish grow firm and meaty for amazingly great taste. All this, with no impact on the environment or disruption of nature. Using the natural elements of air, water and care, VeroBlue Farms continually replicates the perfect growing conditions. This allows the fish to thrive and providing seafood that’s delicious, healthy and extraordinarily sustainable.

In order to create these perfect conditions, Recom Ice Systems was asked to deliver five F50AT flake ice machines. The machines have been installed and are running perfectly.