Stornoway Port Authority – Scotland

15T flake ice + 20T storage + 10T transport system and PLC order system

  • harbour ice plant stornoway
  • harbour ice plant
  • harbour ice plant stornoway


  • Largest Recom ice plant in Scotland
  • First Recom ice plant with the new F150AS

Harbour ice plant producing 15 T/day of flake ice in Stornoway, Scotland.

Thirty miles of the north west coast of Scotland the Port of Stornoway is the main seaport of the Hebridean Island chain and provides a vital link to mainland Britain. The Port of Stornoway is celebrating its 150th Anniversary, used to be a major fishing port and still has a comprehensive infrastructure of support services for the fishing industry. While nowadays using a Recom Harbour ice plant.

The Stornoway Port Authority awarded Recom the development work of an Harbour ice plant, that consists of a 15T flake ice machine (F150AS), a 20T ice storage (IS20) and a 10T/hr transport system (AID10). The new Recom state of the art ice plant supports the fishing industry in the Outer Hebrides.

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“This project reflects our ongoing commitment to expand our European operations. We are well-positioned to grow our European backlog by executing large-scale projects.”

Stef Bouhuijs, Managing Director Recom Ice systems