Flake ice plant
Fish Auction Urk
The Netherlands

  • Containerized flake ice plant Urk Fish Auction
  • Flake ice distribution belt


  • 5 + 10 T/day separate Flake ice machines in container
  • 20 T Screw ice storage
  • 6 T/hour Screw delivery system

Recom Ice Systems is not only selling its ice machines all over the world, but also within The Netherlands itself. Our latest project is located at the Fish Auction in Urk. Here two flake ice machines, an ice storage and screw delivery system form together a 15 tons/day fully automatic containerized flake ice plant. This containerized ice plant enables the Fish Auction to maintain their renowned quality standards and fresh fish standards.

Dating back to the 10th Century, Urk is not only one of the oldest fishing communities, but this small town also has the largest fishing fleet in the Netherlands. Therefore we are proud to have been given the confidence and trust to supply such a vital piece of equipment to this important center of business and look forward too many more years of working together.

Want to know how the ice is used at the Fish Auction in Urk?

Watch the the Recom Flake Ice Plant video.