Harbour ice plants

Recom Ice Systems’ Harbour ice plants are a complete package for ice production, storage, delivery and weighing, as well as a payment and registration system. The combination of a Recom CF-Series containerized flake ice machine, an IS-Series ice storage, an AID- or SID-series delivery systems and a PIW-series weighing hopper, make the process almost autonomous.

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Concrete cooling

Concrete cooling is a technique that reduces the temperature of poured concrete to a certain level, in order to guarantee the quality of the concrete. Concrete cooling is mainly used for projects in parts of the world with warm climates, where large amounts of concrete are used. When concrete cures, a minimum favorable temperature in the range of 10 – 21 ºC must be maintained in the concrete for the minimum required curing period. If it cures at temperatures above this level the concrete loses strength, more cracking occurs, it rapidly sets and there is an increased water demand. Therefore, the importance of concrete cooling is huge, especially considering the crucial role concrete plays in almost every building process.

A method commonly used for concrete cooling is to replace part of the water added to the mix with flake ice. The transition from flake ice to water absorbs a lot of energy and therefore lowers the temperature of the mix significantly.

Using flake ice has a much bigger impact on the temperature of the concrete mix, compared to using cold water, due to the large amount of heat that is needed to melt the ice. To cool down 1 m³ of concrete by 1°C, about 33kg of cold water is necessary, while only 7.5kg of flake ice has the same effect.

To use this method, an ice plant is built near the construction site. An ice factory consists at least of a flake ice machine (i.e. Recom CF900-ET) and an ice storage. Often transport, weighing and dosing systems are also in place. The complete factory only takes limited space, because the production and storage units are placed on top of each other.

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Artificial Snow

Boosting snow cover, creating a high snow guarantee and expending the business season, Recom artificial snow machines will provide your Turn-Key solutions to meet the current high standards in winter tourism.

Recom snow making equipment can be installed at large ski resorts, theme parks and other attractions, Recom delivers both indoor snow machines as well as outdoor snow machines to create snow surfaces for skiing, snowboarding and other winter recreation. Using industrial snow machines, Recom can create an ideal and realistic winter environment in order to maximize visitor experience, regardless of the weather conditions.

Traditional snow cannons use a high-pressure mix of water and air to create artificial snowflakes, however this technique has a maximum operation temperature of -3°C. To accommodate for regions to warm for conventional snow cannons, Recom has developed an artificial snow making machine that uses flake ice, which will subsequently be crushed into powder and can be pneumatically delivered to the slopes. This technique creates a high quality powder barely distinguishable from real snow.

Recom delivers Turn-Key solutions for each project. Whether it being an efficient and easily installed containerized plant, or a delivery based on lightweight components for more challenging environments.

Benefits of a Recom snow making machine:

  • Not affected by climate.
  • Rich product specifications (daily 15~500 tons), customized.
  • Continuous snow making.
  • long transmission distance (max. H.T.400m).
  • High operating efficiency.
  • Low temperature, soft, dry, big granule.
  • Full automatic control of the snow making machine and conveying.
  • Provide excellent design,high quality product and after-sales service.
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