Flake ice plant

25T flake ice machine + 20T ice storage

  • Ice machine on top of ice storage
  • Ice machine on top of ice storage


  • Itticom is a processor and distributor of high quality tuna
  • Combination of an ice machine and an ice storage
  • Made the decision for Recom after visit to a reference plant

Itticom is an Italian company whose main activities are in processing and international sales of high quality tuna. When they needed a new flake ice plant, they contacted Recom Ice Systems and made a joint visit to a reference plant in Dubai. After consulting various other suppliers they made a decision in favor of Recom Ice Systems, based on the price and quality. The order concerns a Recom IS20, a 20 tons ice storage complete with internal automated rake mechanism and autonomous cooling system. Together with a 25 tons/day flake ice machine they keep their tuna fresh.

“The performance of Recom’s machinery has been excellent!”

Alessandro Porcu