Flake ice plant with ice storage
Hydrofish Aquaculture
Ivory Coast

10T/day Flake ice machine

  • Flake ice machine
  • Installation ice machine
  • Containerized flake ice plant


  • Recom’s ice machines are perfectly suited for tropical and humid conditions

Hydrofish Aquaculture Ivory Coast is a well-known, high class catfish and tilapia farm based in Bingerville. In 2010 Recom Ice Systems received a request from Hydrofish to supply a manual flake ice plant with a decent quality ice machine and manual ice storage. At that point, Hydrofish was a rather small company and sought for a relatively inexpensive solution. Therefore we supplied a 10T/day Recom manual flake ice plant with an air-cooled condenser upon a refurbished and modified 20ft. Reefer container. In addition, we supplied and installed a “First-In First-Out” blast freezer for racks for their production line.

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