RIIPP Business

Companies can register as a customer via the internet portal by providing their business information. Ships and vehicles can be registered, as well as the employees that are approved to purchase the ice. These users receive a pin code or RFID tag as a way to identify themselves at the ice plant. Every ice purchase is registered and is shown in the customers’ order overview.

Invoices are generated automatically, either per purchase or periodically. The RIIPP Business module gives the harbour master continuous insights on ice deliveries. Invoices are sent out automatically.

The harbour master can add new clients, change existing clients’ information and send messages to a specific client or to all clients at once. RIIPP Business automates the full process. It gives the harbour master a clear overview and allows him to focus on other important tasks.

Automate your plant now!

RIIPP is the application suite to manage the performance of a Recom ice plant. With RIIPP you have complete control over your industrial ice production plant and all of the attached processes. Control your ice plant remotly from a PC, tablet or even a mobile phone. The RIIPP suite is a full internet ice plant portal.

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