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ice machines

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Recom VF-20 Tridens Rijksrederij Damen

Recom VF-20 on fisheries research vessel of Dutch Rijksrederij

Recom Ice Systems has been chosen as the supplier for a vessel flake ice machine for the Tridens,… Read More
Schermafbeelding 2016-05-02 om 10.06.49

Amazing drone shots from Recom Ice Plant

We’ve recorded some amazing drone footage from a Recom Ice Plant in Stornoway Port, Scotland. Enjoy the beautiful… Read More

Seafood Processing Expo 2016: A Great Success!

We had a great time at the Seafood Processing Expo 2016. Our team talked to a lot of interesting… Read More

World-class flake ice machines

Recom Ice Systems is specialized in the engineering, fabrication and distribution of ice systems. Recom is unique in that we are able to provide turnkey solutions for ice production, ice storage, ice delivery, ice weighing and ice dosing. Recom Ice Systems is the brand name for high quality flake ice, slurry ice, plate ice, block ice and tube ice and is used in many industries, such as fish, meat, chemical and concrete cooling. Our installations can be found in all parts of the world. As a European organization, we are able to provide equipment that is designed and tested to European standards. As such, we are fully committed to making sure you always have top quality ice, whenever, wherever you need it.

Concrete cooling at its best

One of Recom Ice Systems’ specialties is concrete cooling. We have done several exciting projects in various parts of the world, where we had the privilege of building concrete cooling plants to accompany existing concrete batching plants. Our plants produce flake ice and adding this to the concrete mixture helps prevent excess temperature rise after the mixing process, which might otherwise result in premature hardening of the concrete. We have the right solution for every project and Recom Ice Systems will help you co-engineer the complete ice factory.