Inshaa – Saudi Arabia

80T flake ice + 75T ice storage


  • Huge 80T flake ice machine
  • Performance in temperatures up to 50 ºC

Inshaa Co. for Concrete Products & General Contracting Ltd. is a Saudi Arabian company whose main activity is the production of (ready-mix) concrete for building structures and infrastructural projects. After careful consideration, Recom Ice Systems was chosen to provide them with a containerized flake ice factory, consisting of an 80T flake ice machine (CF800ET-5) with evaporative condenser, an IS-75 ice storage system and an ID-16S delivery system.

Our equipment will be used for concrete cooling in combination with existing Liebherr batching plants, which will produce concrete for numerous (infra)structural projects.

“During the curing process of concrete, the minimum favorable temperature has to been maintained at all times. Therefore, the importance of concrete cooling is huge, especially considering the crucial role concrete plays in almost every building process.”

Stef Bouhuijs, Managing Director Recom Ice Systems