Huon – Tasmania

30T flake ice + 20T automatic ice storage


  • You can find some great salmon recipes on Huon’s website
  • The Huon Method is all about a sustainable way of doing fish farming

Huon Aquaculture Group, Australia’s premier privately owned salmon aquaculture company has invested in a Recom 30T/day containerized flake ice plant with 20T automatic ice storage with screw delivery system. Due to the fast growth of Huon Aquaculture in the last 3 years the need for flake ice for their fresh process line has increased. Recom Ice Systems had the right equipment to fulfill the requirements of the new production line and received the order to supply and install the complete flake ice plant.

Three years later, in 2014, Huon again approached Recom Ice Systems with a question regarding transportation of the ice. They had to transport ice from the ice plant to their factory. Eventually Recom had the privilege to supply them a Recom AID-10 (air delivery system).