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Orbital ice silos (OIS Series)

Recom Ice Systems offers a range of stainless steel SUS 304 double wall insulated orbital ice silo’s.
For the orbital flake ice silo with screw outlet system based on a first-in first-out principle, Recom offers pre-engineered and standardized ice silo solutions in capacities from 3.5 to 10 tons of ice.


Capacity 3.5T / 5T / 8T / 10T / 15T /


Storage capacity 3.5 t
Approx. ship weight 2.000 kg
Approx. dimensions 2550 x 4100 mm
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Storage capacity 5 t
Approx. ship weight 3.000 kg
Approx. dimensions 2810 x 4300 mm
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Storage capacity 8 t
Approx. ship weight 4000 kg
Approx. dimensions 3150 x 5000 mm
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Storage capacity 10 t
Approx. ship weight 5.000 kg
Approx. dimensions 3355 x 5200 mm
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Storage capacity 15 t
Approx. ship weight 7.000 kg
Approx. dimensions 3390 x 7886 mm
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