Bill Price from Rockabill Shellfish speaks out

“We have been using two Recom flake ice machines and are delighted with how these have been operating. In 2013 we ordered a 5 ton land flake ice machine and a 2 ton vessel flake ice machine. Both machines are producing at maximum capacity and we are impressed with the ice quality. When we had a technical installation issue, Recom acted quickly and solved the situation promptly by sending its agent KER from Killybegs. The expertise we have gotten from Recom has proven to be invaluable, which makes them an excellent partner for us here at Rockabill Shellfish.”

Bill Price, CEO Rockabill Shellfish

Rockabill Shellfish is a family-run Irish company with more than thirty years of experience in the fishing industry, operating a fleet of trawlers, refrigerated trucks and two Irish processing plants in Dublin and Cork.