Sustainable camel milk dairy in Mauritania

In 2005 Recom Ice Systems was approached by Tiviski from Mauritania. Tiviski, Africa’s first camel milk dairy is recognized by the United Nations Development Programme and helps in improving livelihoods for semi-nomadic herders in Mauritania. It fulfills three of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, Ensure environmental sustainability and Global partnership for development. Recom delivered a flake ice machine in 2006, which worked without problems for many years. However, the extreme circumstances of dust, sand and extreme high ambient temperatures took its toll and in 2014 the machine was in urgent need of professional maintenance. Recom immediately sent two engineers with the necessary parts to Mauritania to repair the damages. After a couple of days, the machine was completely refurbished, equipped with new components and functioned perfectly again.

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