Stornoway Port’s flake ice plant completed

At the end of 2015, Recom Ice Systems has completed the installation works of a big project in Scotland. As you might have read before, Recom Ice Systems got an order from the Stornoway Port Authority for the delivery and installation of an ice plant, that consists of a 15T flake ice machine (Recom F150AS-5), a 20T storage (IS20) and a 10T/hr transport system, with a screw weighing system and ice chute.Our MD, Stef Bouhuijs, made the trip to Stornoway, along with two of Recom’s engineers. Together with a local crew of welders and mechanics, they handled the installation works.

In one of the recent trials, the ice plant was tested at different heights of tides. Deputy Harbour Master Roy Maclean: “It all went very well and the ice flowed nicely”.

Stornoway trial with Recom Ice Systems ice plant - 1

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