KER Group

KER Group is a reliable Irish company in the refrigeration industry since 1995. We’re happy to inform you that KER Group now has become one of Recom’s agent. KER Group will offer all of Recom’s ice machines to the Irish market. Derek McBrearty of KER Group: ‘Recom offers a great range of products that meets the high standards our clients demand’. The first two orders of Recom VF-30 3 tons vessel flake machines, has been made and very successfully commissioned.


Unitherm is a full service installation company from the Netherlands that focuses on the field of HVAC and refrigeration. The combination of these two fields enable them to handle practically all climate related challenges. We are proud to present them as a Recom agent. They offer all of Recom’s ice equipment to the Dutch refrigeration market.


2COOL is based in the fishing capital of The Netherlands: Urk. This gives them a huge competitive edge in everything related to cooling and refrigerating fish. We are very proud to have them represent the Recom Ice Systems brand in that region. 2COOL was founded and is managed by two experienced technicians, who merged their companies in order to create growth potential, while still offering personal service.

Cool Link Technics

Cool Link Technics Limited is an independent company from Nairobi, Kenya specializing in industrial refrigeration to a full-service. Whether the project involves maintaining an existing system, or implementing the design of a completely new facility, Cool Link Technics Ltd has the expertise to get the job done right, within budget and on time. Cool Link Technics will represent Recom Ice Systems in Kenya and the surrounding countries.