Recom Ice Systems wins Irish government tender together with MRSL for B.I.M. to supply flake ice machines

Recom Ice Systems, together with MRSL, has won the Irish Tender for the Bord Iascaigh Mhara, the Irish Sea Fisheries Board. The Bord Iascaigh Mhara has a long record of  providing the Irish Seafood Industry with technical expertise, business support, funding, training and promoting responsible environmental practice.

Recom Ice Systems replaced old machinery in the ports of Castletownbere and Dunmore East with two of our 10 tons and two or our 15 tons flake ice machines from the F-series. These will help to produce clean and fresh flake ice for cooling fish in a trouble free manner.





Recom wins order for 15T per day ice plant from the Scottish Highland Council for the Lochinver Port

Close to the end of the year, Recom Ice Systems has won a new tender, issued by the Scottish Highland Council. Recom Ice Systems  will bring a substantial improvement to the harbor of Lochinver, Scotland’s second largest fishing port located on the west coast north of Ullpool.

After Lochinver’s harbor underwent a major reconstruction project in the 1990s, the council has now decided to invest into a 15T per day ice plant with 40T automatic ice storage and weighing & transportation systems. The Recom Ice Systems’ Harbour Solution from the Arctic Ice Series is a complete package for ice production, storage, delivery and weighing- all ensuring that not a bit of the fish’s freshness gets lost.

Recom’s highly innovative automation platform, RIIPP will also be installed at this plant. RIIPP allows users to easily identify themselves when ordering ice by using a tag and provides the harbour master with the tools to easily check the operation status of the plant via an online portal. It further simplifies both the payment and registration system and therefore save time for more efficient fishing processes.



Recom Ice Systems delivers 15T per day ice plant to SUEZ Advanced Solutions in Italy

Recently Recom Ice Systems delivered a 15T per day ice plant with automatic stainless steel ice storage, capable of storing 20 tons of ice per day, to one of our clients, SUEZ Advanced Solutions UK Ltd.

SUEZ Advanced Solutions UK is a well known international company for innovative methods for water and wastewater management. The organization is focussed on tailored and integrated process solutions for measurable water management and with new technologies they preserve water quality by cleaning water pipes with ice, a process called ice pigging. Recom Ice Systems will now support SUEZ Advanced Solutions systems in La Spezia in Italy to reach reduced costs, energy and water consumption. With our containerized automatic ice storage, Recom Ice Systems offers unique pre-engineered and refrigerated ice storage solutions and we are thrilled to enhance innovative processes with our partner.

Projects overseas with FoodPartners Argentina and VeroBlue Farms US

In the last few months, Recom Ice Systems has achieved some meaningful milestones in our business growth. Among others, we delivered two SL-100 slurry ice machine to FoodPartners Patagonia in Argentina, an organization focusing on the development and implementation of Quality Management and Food Safety Systems.

Also, Recom Ice Systems has sent five F50AT-5 flake ice machines to VeroBlue Farms in the United States, one of the largest onshore, indoor production of the Barramundi fish in North America. VeroBlue Farms is an exclusive global proprietor of several aquaculture technologies, under the banner of Opposing Flows Technology and we are looking forward to add our technology to their operations.




Recom VF-20 on fisheries research vessel of Dutch Rijksrederij

Recom Ice Systems has been chosen as the supplier for a vessel flake ice machine for the Tridens, a multi-role fisheries research vessel of the Dutch Rijksrederij. The Tridens (length 73,5 meters) is used to help determine fish stocks in the North Sea, among other duties.

Last year the ship was completely renovated by Maaskant Shipyards Stellendamn, part of Damen Shipyards Group, and a range of innovative applications have been fitted, like the latest Simrad sonar and echo sounder within the drop keel.

The vessel has been roaming the North sea for over a year now and the need for onboard ice production was signaled. Through Windex Engineering B.V., Recom Ice Systems got the order to supply a Recom VF-20. The ice machine has been installed and performs to full satisfaction.

Recom VF-20 Tridens Rijksrederij Damen-2


Amazing drone shots from Recom Ice Plant

We’ve recorded some amazing drone footage from a Recom Ice Plant in Stornoway Port, Scotland. Enjoy the beautiful imagery.


Seafood Processing Expo 2016: A Great Success!

We had a great time at the Seafood Processing Expo 2016. Our team talked to a lot of interesting people and generated some very promising leads. We’d like to thank everyone that visited our stand. We appreciate the opportunity we had to talk to you about how Recom Ice Systems can help you succeed in your field of business. Weren’t able to visit or want to relive it once more? Check out the video below.

Right now we are working hard on processing all of the requests for information and quotations. We’ll start sending these out as soon as possible.

Stornoway Port’s flake ice plant completed

At the end of 2015, Recom Ice Systems has completed the installation works of a big project in Scotland. As you might have read before, Recom Ice Systems got an order from the Stornoway Port Authority for the delivery and installation of an ice plant, that consists of a 15T flake ice machine (Recom F150AS-5), a 20T storage (IS20) and a 10T/hr transport system, with a screw weighing system and ice chute.Our MD, Stef Bouhuijs, made the trip to Stornoway, along with two of Recom’s engineers. Together with a local crew of welders and mechanics, they handled the installation works.

In one of the recent trials, the ice plant was tested at different heights of tides. Deputy Harbour Master Roy Maclean: “It all went very well and the ice flowed nicely”.

Stornoway trial with Recom Ice Systems ice plant - 1

Introducing the Ice Machine Configurator with special prices!

Configuring your own flake ice machine has never been this easy. Recom Ice Systems is proud to present the Recom Ice Machine Configurator for commercial flake ice machines from 0.5T to 2.5T production capacity per 24 hours.

You can choose your capacity, pick which refrigerant you want, which storage you would like, where you would like it to be shipped and more. Our commercial flake ice machines are used in the fishing industry, but you can also find them in supermarkets, at wholesalers, etc.

Because we want to celebrate the launch, we’ve put some very special prices in the configurator. So act now, configure your own machine and take advantage of this limited time offer!

Start now!

Project in Scotland awarded to Recom Ice Systems

Recom Ice Systems has secured new work in Stornoway, Scotland. The Stornoway Port Authority has  awarded Recom the development work of an ice plant with storage and delivery systems.

Recom’s managing director Stef Bouhuijs: “This project reflects our on-going commitment to expand our European operations. We are well-positioned to grow our European backlog by executing large-scale projects.”

Situated 30 miles off the north west coast of Scotland the Port of Stornoway is the main seaport of the Hebridean Island chain and provides a vital link to mainland Britain. The Port of Stornoway used to be a major fishing port and still has a comprehensive infrastructure of support services for the fishing industry. Recent years have seen some stabilization and it is hoped that the new Recom state of the art ice plant will help the fishing industry in the Outer Hebrides to rebound.

Flake ice machines & more at the Seafood Expo Global 2015

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who visited our stand at this year’s Seafood Expo Global in Brussels, Belgium. We thoroughly enjoyed being able to show Recom Ice Systems’  new product line of to the world.

The three days at the Brussels EXPO were great: We had a great time time, talked to a lot of interesting people and generated some very promising leads.

If you have any questions, requests for quotations and/or product information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help in anyway we can.

The video below gives you a quick impression of our time in Brussels.


Recom Ice Systems completes construction of flake ice plant

Recom Ice Systems has completed the construction of a concrete cooling flake ice plant near Dammam, Saudi Arabia for Inshaa Co. for Concrete Products & General Contracting Ltd. The 18-meters high containerized ice factory consists of an 80T flake ice machine (CF800ET-5) with evaporative condenser, an IS-75 ice storage system and an ID-16S delivery system. Our equipment will be used for concrete cooling in combination with existing Liebherr batching plants, which will produce concrete for numerous (infra)structural projects in the Middle East.

Both Recom Ice Systems and the client, Inshaa look back at a fruitful collaboration and we look forward to a successful partnership for many years to come.

concrete cooling saudi arabia recom ice systems

Cleaning pipe lines with ice

One of the more recent development in the applications of ice is Ice Pigging. Aqualogy (, the exclusive provider and developer of this technology, has a network of licensed partners, providing this service all around the globe. Ice Pigging is a highly effective and low risk pipe line cleaning technology. The Netherlands has about 117.000 kilometers of drinking water pipelines, which have to be cleaned from time to time. With ice pigging, a combination of water and ice is pumped into the pipe and forced along inside in order to remove sediments and unwanted deposits. It combines the benefits of the two traditional methods, flushing with water and forcing a solid object trough the pipe, without any of the drawbacks. Recom’s ice machines are perfectly capable of producing the right type of ice for this technique and together with the customer, we engineer the perfect solution for every situation.

Recom attends Big 5 conference in Dubai

From 17 to 20 November Recom Ice Systems attended the Big 5 Conference in the Dubai Word Trade Centre. The Big 5 is the largest construction exhibition in the Middle East with more than 35.000 innovative products and technologies showcased by over 2.700 exhibitors. Concrete cooling is an important area of business for us here at Recom and in that sense the Big 5 had a lot to offer. It proved to be a great opportunity to check out the latest technologies, speak to interesting companies and meet up with potential clients.

Bill Price from Rockabill Shellfish speaks out

“We have been using two Recom flake ice machines and are delighted with how these have been operating. In 2013 we ordered a 5 ton land flake ice machine and a 2 ton vessel flake ice machine. Both machines are producing at maximum capacity and we are impressed with the ice quality. When we had a technical installation issue, Recom acted quickly and solved the situation promptly by sending its agent KER from Killybegs. The expertise we have gotten from Recom has proven to be invaluable, which makes them an excellent partner for us here at Rockabill Shellfish.”

Bill Price, CEO Rockabill Shellfish

Rockabill Shellfish is a family-run Irish company with more than thirty years of experience in the fishing industry, operating a fleet of trawlers, refrigerated trucks and two Irish processing plants in Dublin and Cork.

Six Recom F100AT flake ice machines to Mauritania

Recom Ice Systems is proud to be a manufacturer, supplier and provider of high quality industrial ice equipment to a wide variety of industries from all around the world.
Since 2010 Recom has delivered 27 flake ice machines to Mauritania, with production capacities of either 5 or 10 tons per day. In difficult, hot & humid circumstances these machines produce high quality flake ice, which the client, Fastline sells on the local market.
Fastline recently contacted us and ordered six more 10 ton Recom flake ice machines to further expand their production capacity. Our production facility worked non-stop and the machines were put on ship last week.

flake ice concrete cooling container

Concrete cooling plant checked and shipped

As Recom, we have given a major importance to Quality Management, which is a critical process in every production project. It ensures that the outcome of any production meets the exact requirements of our clients.
This is why last week a delegate from our European head office made a visit to our production facility in Southeast China.  Here he checked up on a 80T flake ice machine (CF800ET-5), an 75T ice storage system (IS-75),  and an ID-10S delivery system, which are in the final stages of the production process.
This equipment is being shipped in a couple of days and is heading to Saudi Arabia for a prestigious concrete cooling project.

Thanks for meeting us @ Holland Fisheries Event

This years Holland Fisheries Event has been a great success for us here at Recom Ice Systems. It attracted a big crowd and we had a lot of interesting conversations.We would like to thank you all for visiting our stand and enjoyed meeting each and everyone of you very much. Our special thanks goes out to VCU, who provided us with the privilege to be an exhibitor at their VCU pavilion.
The next edition of the HFE will be held on October 7 & 8, 2016. We hope to see you there again!

Recom Flake Ice Machine for Adri & Zoon

At the Seafood Expo Global 2014 Recom Ice Systems was approached by Adri & Zoon, an all-round wholesaler of fish, crustaceans, shellfish and sea vegetables from Yerseke, The Netherlands. Their current ice machine didn’t function properly and couldn’t produce the desired amount of ice.
Recom quickly delivered one of our PED-certified flake ice machines, type F50AS-5. This machine produces clean and fresh flake ice, sub-cooled to -5°C/-6°C. Adri & Zoon chose flake ice because of its high energy accumulation, meaning it will last much longer than other types of ice used for fish processing.

Powering plate ice machines with wind

To protect our planet and make sure that we bequeath an Earth to future generations that is not irreversibly damaged by human activity, environmental sustainability is of the utmost importance to us here at Recom Ice Systems. That is why we love cooperating with other companies on green projects.
Elektrotech, from Cape Verde approached us in June 2014 and ordered a 3 tons plate ice machine. It will be connected to Elektrotech’s existing windmill, making it an eco-friendly and wind-powered ice machine. At the moment the equipment is being shipped and is expected to arrive in the beginning of December.